Studio 1 – 64 Channels of AMS/Calrec analogue goodness

Stand at the front door, look through the lounge, through the control room, into Studio 1, and then copy-of-2225cmyk300dpiout into the park on the other side. This is the first thing you will notice about the new Atlantis Sound in Port Melbourne – the fabulous sense of openness, the streaming natural light and the clever use of space to create a special environment that is both relaxed and focused.

The main recording space features a 6-metre cathedral ceiling. Light pours in from above and from the sides, where two huge isolation booths (both more than big enough for drums) look out over parks and playing fields (see floor plan). These booths can be opened to form one large space, with a fantastic live vibe that has already earned a reputation for its open, natural sound. Studio 1 at Atlantis is THE place to record live drums, brass and full ensembles. There is also a dedicated amp. room and a piano alcove.

2237fromlounge1midStudio 1 at Atlantis features one of the coolest control rooms in the country (see equipment list). Spacious, comfortable and filled with natural light, Studio 1 has an area of approximately 24 square metres (that’s about 260 square feet), and can comfortably accommodate approximately 20 people. Designed and constructed by Dave Flett, this room features ‘the bleachers’ – an innovative Atlantis design providing theatre-style seating, making it one of the few studios in the world where the full choir, big band, ensemble, production team or cheer squad can be present during tracking and mixing, whilst maintaining close visual and audio contact with performers. Floor to ceiling glass keeps the room full of light, and brings observers right up close to the action. This is a unique room that has fast earned a reputation for its innovative approach to client comfort.

Continuing this vibe, Studio 1 has its own private lounge area where band members can take a break, whilst remaining in visual contact with the control room.

Studio 1 really is a great place to work … it sounds fantastic, with a choice of monitoring options, superbly tuned acoustics and bass treatment and that unmistakable Atlantis mojo.